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ADDRESS: 7 Yishun Industrial Street 1 #03-33, North Spring, Singapore 768162

WHATSAPP: +65 9387 0979 (Jason)


Boltless Shelving System

Boltless Rack Singapore

We supply high-quality boltless shelving in Singapore for both home and commercial use. A boltless shelving system refers to a type of shelving that does not require bolts, nuts, screws or tools for assembly. 

Main Components of Boltless Shelving

Upright frames

These tall metal frames act as the vertical supports for the shelves. They have holes spaced evenly along the frame to insert the shelves.


The horizontal shelves slot into the upright frames. The shelves have hooks on the underside that fit into the holes on the frames.


Small metal or plastic clips connect adjoining upright frames together for stability.

Reasons to Use Boltless Shelving Systems

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Easy Assembly

Boltless shelves can be set up quickly and easily without tools or hardware. The upright frames have pre-punched holes, allowing you to just slot in the shelves at desired heights. Great for DIY installation.


Shelves can be relocated or added with ease as your storage needs change. The simplicity of the boltless design makes adjustments straightforward.


Boltless shelving is typically more affordable than other storage systems. There is no need for nuts, bolts or braces which helps keep costs lower.


Boltless shelves work well in homes, garages, offices, warehouses and retail stores. They can handle light to medium duty loads for a range of uses.

Tips for Utilizing Boltless Shelving Systems Effectively

  • Check weight capacity

Make sure the shelves can safely handle the intended loads. Overloading is a main cause of instability.

  • Add stability features

Connect multiple units, install wall anchors, or secure to the floor for extra stability and durability. Freestanding units can be prone to tipping.

  • Level units properly

Use a spirit level when assembling to keep uprights completely vertical. This prevents leaning and buckling under load.

  • Distribute weight evenly

Place heavier items on lower shelves and in the center of each shelf to optimize support and balance.

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