Heavy Duty Cantilever Racking System

Heavy Duty Cantilever Racking System

NTL Cantilever Racking Systems are the ideal space saving solution for storing long loads such as timber boards, aluminium and plastic extrusions, steel tubes and bars. This system are made up of a central column, located on a heavy duty base, supporting a set of cantilevered arms, each of which can be specifically designed to meet your individual loading requirements and are designed to suit your particular application product, achieving the maximum efficiency, economy of layout and peace of mind for a safer working environment.

Cantilever racking maximizes your storage space and allows you to use your storage space more efficiently, no space is wasted and products stored horizontally can be stacked on top of each other while still giving you access to every item or package. They are ideal for storing timber boards, piping, aluminum, and plastic extrusions.

One benefit of cantilever racking is that it can be flexibly adapted to goods of different heights and with different load requirements. Our cantilever racks are available in a variety of options to adapt to the storage of long goods, regardless of the size or weight of the product. The dimensions can be adapted to the height and length of your warehouse and make optimal use of the available storage space.

Cantilever racking offers robust storage solutions with high capacity since it is specially developed for the storage of long goods. They are suitable for manual handling or using a forklift or crane. The quick installation ensures efficient improvements in your warehouse operations.