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ADDRESS: 7 Yishun Industrial Street 1 #03-33, North Spring, Singapore 768162

WHATSAPP: +65 9387 0979 (Jason)


Drive-In / Drive-Through Racking System

Drive-Through / Drive-In Racking System

Drive-Through or Drive-In racking are high-density pallet storage systems optimized for large volumes of uniform products. Pallets are stored multiple-deep in ‘tunnel’ type racking bays accessed by forklifts. Drive-in racks allow LIFO (last in, first out) stack retrieval since forklifts enter and exit from the same end.

Reasons to Use Drive-In or Drive-Through Racking System

Drive-In and Drive-Through Racking System

Reduced aisles

Eliminating aisles saves floor space for more pallet positions.

Uniform loads

Best used when storing uniform pallet loads of the same product type and weight.

Space utilization

Makes better use of all available warehouse cube space including height.

Lower labor

Reduced aisles mean fewer trips during put-away and retrieval.

Tips for Using Drive-In or Drive-Through Racking Efficiently

Employ Guide Rails and Lead-In Panels for Smooth Pallet Movement

Pallets can be gently guided into the tunnels by lead-in panels or guide rails, which will increase efficiency. By taking this preventative action, you may guarantee a smooth and effective operation of your drive-in or drive-through racking system by preventing jams.

Ensure Forklift Operator Safety with Proper Training

Forklift operators should get training and certification on safe operating techniques designed especially for driving and picking items in reverse. This training guarantees the drive-in or drive-through racking setup’s operational effectiveness while also fostering a safe working environment.

Optimize Accessibility by Strategically Arranging SKUs

Put the SKUs with the fastest velocities nearest to the entrance points to maximise accessibility. Easy access is made possible by this thoughtful layout, which enables quick recovery and storage. For products that move more slowly, set aside deeper places to expedite the choosing and storing process.

Enhance Organization with Floor Markings

Use floor markings to create directed traffic flow and highlight pallet placements to help keep the bays more organised. A well-organized system lowers the possibility of mistakes and encourages the more effective use of drive-in or drive-through racking. This is made possible by clear labelling.

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