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How to Expand Your Storage Space With Mezzanine Racking System

Having ample space in a warehouse is important to run your business successfully. However, when the business starts to grow, there are few options left for expansion. Some business owners would consider relocating or constructing an additional wing to their warehouse to increase their storage space. But these are expensive solutions and most small to medium-sized companies find them challenging to implement. Instead, there is a much more efficient option available – a mezzanine system.

Mezzanine systems are an excellent way to maximize your storage space. They consist of several open, raised platforms supported by beams and columns. They create extra storage by adding a level when built over existing storage areas in the warehouse.

Below are 3 types of mezzanine systems that can help you expand your storage space.

Structural Mezzanines

Structural mezzanines are one of the most popular mezzanine systems installed in warehouses. They can be easily adapted to suit many needs, whether it is for storage space or adding packing areas. As such, they allow for unlimited placement of shelvings, racks, production equipment, inventory above as well as below deck, and more.

Additionally, this mezzanine system can also be easily outfitted with accessories such as handrails and pallet gates to assist with safe storage, increasing workplace safety and productivity.

Racking Mezzanine

These types of mezzanines are perfect for warehouses that have run out of storage space and are looking for a way to expand them. Mezzanine racking systems consist of a second-floor decking built over a lower level of shelving or pallet rack. The second floor can be made up of shelving and racking of various sizes to accommodate specific storage needs.

Racking mezzanines have the ability to be free-standing as well; meaning they can be easily moved if required in different areas of the warehouse.

Multi-Tier Mezzanine

For warehouses that have high ceilings, multi-tier mezzanines can be an excellent option for businesses to significantly increase their storage space. This mezzanine solution is capable of doubling or tripling the amount of additional space one can get, simply by installing standard mezzanines.

Depending on the ceiling limit, one can add several floors to increase storage space. Each tier can also be customized in terms of height to meet different storage needs.

Solve your storage problems with NTL Storage Solutions

Expanding your storage space can be effective and inexpensive with a mezzanine system. Different mezzanine solutions suit your warehouse, depending on your specific storage requirements.

A professional mezzanine manufacturer like NTL Storage Solutions can help you determine which type of mezzanine will fit your needs. Over the years, we worked with clients from various industries. Our mezzanine racking systems have helped many businesses solve their warehouse storage problems easily and economically, without any compromise in quality.

For more inquiries on how we can assist you, contact us at 6665 2515 or today.




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