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ADDRESS: 7 Yishun Industrial Street 1 #03-33, North Spring, Singapore 768162

WHATSAPP: +65 9387 0979 (Jason)


Mezzanine / Rack Supported Platform

Mezzanine Platform Singapore

A mezzanine platform is an intermediate floor installed in a building between main floors, typically constructed for additional storage space or to allow for extra workspace. Mezzanine platforms essentially create an extra floor level while maximizing headroom below. They are often made from steel and are either erected within a large open space or constructed using modular components.

Reasons Companies Use Mezzanine Platforms

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Increased Storage Capacity

Mezzanine floor warehouse systems effectively double or triple the available cube space, enabling warehouses and distribution centers with limited square footage to store more inventory within the same footprint. This efficient use of vertical space is highly beneficial for optimizing storage capabilities.

Added Production Space

Manufacturing facilities can install mezzanines to add extra assembly, testing, or processing zones without expanding the building. This allows fitting more production lines into the same facility.

Mezzanine for Warehouse Operations

Warehouses can utilize mezzanines to separate and organize picking and packing zones on different levels, keeping fulfillment operations efficient and optimized within the same footprint. The elevated mezzanine platform allows order pickers to have dedicated space for compiling orders, while packers work below at shipping stations. This type of multi-level workflow segmentation improves order accuracy and throughput.

Tips for Utilizing & Maximizing a Mezzanine Platform

  • Check weight capacity

Ensure the mezzanine is engineered to hold the planned loads. This includes weight of inventory, equipment, people, and any dynamic loads from material handling.

  • Maximize vertical space

Use the full floor-to-ceiling height and minimize unused airspace between the ceiling and platform deck.

  • Incorporate adequate lighting

Install sufficient lighting fixtures to properly illuminate work areas without shadow or glare. LEDs work well for their efficiency and brightness.

Mezzanine Racking Accessories

Staircases and Gates

Mezzanines require stairways for worker access between levels. Loading gates allow movement of inventory and equipment between the main warehouse floor and mezzanine. Stairs should have proper riser dimensions and railings. Gates must have safety locks.

Shelving and Racks

Various sizes of shelving units, pallet racks, carton flow racks or other storage methods can outfit the mezzanine platform, customized to the inventory type and capacity needs.

Decking Panels

Steel decking or plywood comprise the flooring surface. Other options could include expanded metal mesh, grated panels, or fiberglass reinforced plastic. Fire ratings must be considered.

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