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Store More with a Shelving System in Singapore

For those working in the warehouse industry, chances are that you are well aware of the problem of space. Most of the time, you hold a vast inventory of products that require proper storage, yet you struggle with re-organizing your warehouse to accommodate space for them. As a result, you waste time, energy, and resources that can have costly consequences on your business.

This is why it is imperative to invest in proper tools and equipment that can support your day-to-day operations. A good shelving system is one of the best solutions to increasing your warehouse efficiency. Here are 5 great advantages to installing your own shelving system.


  • Increases Available Floor Space

    • Good space management is key to maximizing your storage capacity. By installing a shelving system, it allows you to utilize the existing height space of your warehouse. As you stack loads upwards, you increase the available floor space in your warehouse. Having more space to work with allows you to have the option of adding more shelves to increase your overall storage capacity or adding machinery to increase your work productivity.


  • Great for Large Loads

    • In any warehouse, you will find products that have an assortment of shapes and sizes. Large and awkwardly shaped loads can be difficult to store and they can easily take up your limited floor space without proper shelving. A cantilever racking system can help you to store large loads on shelves off the ground so that you will have more floor space available to move around on.


  • Better Product Visibility

    • Storing products on shelves increases their visibility that can help improve your picking rate and overall productivity. You can organize your inventory according to the date of storage or type which helps your workers to locate and access them efficiently when needed.


  • Multiple Designs/Customizable

    • Like most warehouse equipment, shelving systems come in multiple designs that can suit different storage needs. They can also be customized size-wise to fit any size job, and material-wise to increase durability.


  • Ease of Installation

    • Shelving systems can be installed on the job without having to disrupt daily operations. Some shelving systems, like mezzanine racking systems are assembled above existing loads below. You can easily affix support rivets to upright posts within a short time frame and get back to business quickly.


Overall, shelving systems are effective and easy to manage. They offer a variety of advantages that helps you to increase your work efficiency and productivity. By installing one, you can be sure that they will solve your storage problems and continue to increase in the value they bring to your business.







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