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What Are The Different Types Of Racking Systems?
January 13, 2021

Tips for Choosing a Suitable Pallet Racking System for your Warehouse

In todays fast-paced and highly competitive market, proper inventory management can make or break your warehouse operations. It ensures that your stocks are well organized, allowing for the prompt and correct delivery of goods. Thankfully, this challenge can be easily solved by selecting the right pallet racking system for your warehouse.

Introduction to Pallet Racking Systems

A pallet racking system is a warehouse storage solution designed to store a wide variety of goods. They are popular in the warehouse industry due to their function and practicality. Pallet racks stack your goods in horizontal rows with multiple levels, helping to utilize floor space better while providing employees with direct access to each pallet via forklifts.

The beam and upright dimensions of pallet racks can be customized to fit the perimeter of your warehouse space as well as to store goods of any size and height. They are also reusable, ensuring that they can be moved from one location to the next and used to their best potential.

With pallet racking systems, warehouse organization becomes easier, which reduces the chances of accidents occurring in the workplace.

If you are in search of a suitable pallet rack for your warehouse needs, consider these factors when choosing the best pallet racking system.

1. Storage Needs

Your ideal pallet racking system should suit the type and volume of goods that your business deals with. Classify your goods according to their density, weight, picking frequency and shelf life. For bulk storage, double-deep racking systems are ideal as they can store up to four pallets deep in a double entry rack. On the other hand, for goods in smaller quantities with shorter shelf lives, selective racking systems may be more suitable as they provide 100% accessibility and good stock rotation.

2. Budget

One of the most vital considerations to make when choosing a pallet racking system is how much it will cost. Pallet racks have three main areas of expenses: the storage system type, design, and installation. Customized pallet racking systems can be a costly investment at the start, but they ensure quality that lasts and for your operations to run as efficiently as possible.

3. Accessibility

A good part of inventory management lies in the picking and delivery of goods. A suitable pallet racking system should allow forklift access which facilitates the accurate and timely transport of goods in and out of the warehouse. Drive-in and drive-through racking systems are great for the storage of homogeneous products in large quantities that can be easily retrieved by forklift trucks.

4. Adaptability

As your business grows, so do your operations and storage needs. Your pallet racking system should be able to accommodate an increase in stocks or a variety of new products. Cantilever racking systems and selective racking systems can be easily adjusted during slight alterations or modified overall to fit changing storage requirements.

5. Durability

An ideal pallet racking system should be able to support heavy loads without collapsing and causing serious workplace accidents. Choose durable and robust pallet racks that can withstand bumps over time. For added durability, you can equip your racking system with accessories like rail guides and column protectors as well.

Select the Right Pallet System with Professional Help

The right warehouse racking system will help to maximise your space for proper inventory management while also helping to streamline your warehouse process. Besides considering the factors mentioned above, you may also consult a professional to aid you in narrowing down your search.

NTL Storage Solutions are warehouse racking experts that can recommend suitable pallet racking systems for your specific warehouse needs. Contact us at 6665 2515 for more information today.


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