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What Are The Different Types Of Racking Systems?

Choosing the right racking system can make or break your warehouse operations. A well-designed racking system can significantly improve your productivity and increase your warehouse storage space by more than 40%. This is why it is important to know the difference between certain types of racking systems so that you will be able to choose the best one for your warehouse inventory needs.


Read on to learn more about the common racking systems you may come across when searching for the ideal racking system to implement in your warehouse.


Selective Racking System

Selective racking systems are one of the most popular and versatile racking systems used in warehouses across the globe. This racking system provides 100% accessibility and good stock rotation. Additionally, it is easily installed and fully adjustable, making it a practical system for the storage of a variety of goods with different sizes and mass. This type of racking is ideal for general warehousing, manufacturing, and low-turnover retail operations.


Double-Deep Racking System

Designed to increase storage capacity, double-deep racks are made by placing one selective racking behind the other. This allows loads to be stored two to four pallets deep on a single or double-entry rack. Double-deep racks serve as an efficient and inexpensive way to create high-density storage, making it a recommended racking system for general warehousing and manufacturing where high volumes of materials are stored.


Narrow Aisle Racking System

As the name suggests, narrow aisle racking systems optimize floor space by having very narrow aisles that are marginally wider than the loads themselves. To make up for the lack of horizontal storage space, narrow aisle racks are built high, allowing you to make full use of your ceiling space to increase storage capacity. This racking system also provides 100% accessibility, excellent stock rotation, and a fast picking rate. This makes them ideal for retail, grocery, and frozen foods that have shorter shelf lives and need constant throughput.


Drive-In/Drive-Through Racking System

With drive-in/drive-through racking systems, maximum storage capacity can be achieved with minimal space. This racking system stores loads in blocks and requires fewer aisles, which increases its storage capacity by up to 75% more than standard (selective) racks. To access the goods, forklifts have to be driven directly into the racks that can go up to six pallets deep. For drive-in racks, common entries and exits are used, while for drive-through, separate entries and exits are used. This type of racking system is very suitable for storing large quantities of homogeneous products.


Cantilever Racking System

With no upright aisle to obstruct the use of horizontal space, cantilever racks allow the storage of longer, bulky, and odd-shaped goods such as timber boards, aluminium, and plastic extrusions, steel tubes, and bars. These cantilevered arms used in this racking system can be specifically designed and easily adjusted to suit your particular product application and meet your loading requirements.


Find The Right Racking System Today

As seen from this list, different racking systems can suit your warehouse depending on your storage requirements. To accurately determine which type of racking system fits your needs, consult a professional racking systems manufacturer and provider such as NTL Storage Solutions.


We have helped businesses across various industries solve their storage problems with our keen expertise and professional knowledge. To find out more about how we can help you, contact us at 6665 2515 or today.




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