Double-Deep Pallet Racking System

Double-deep Racking System

Double-deep racking systems increase the available storage space by simply storing pallets at two depths instead of one depth like selective pallet racking systems. The 2 pallets are accessed via the same aisle, which halves the number of aisles. The main benefit of using double-deep racking is that it increases storage density by reducing aisles and increasing storage space.

Even though there is a capacity increase of up to 30% with double-deep racking, only 50% of the stored goods can be immediately accessed. This system is a great way to increase storage capacity when rapid pallet movement is not critical. Double-deep racking also helps to reduce aisle widths, decrease pallet handling times, and reduce pallet damage due to smoother operations.

Double-deep racks must be used with special forklifts prepared for this type of system and fitted with telescopic forks or a specially designed pantograph mechanism to allow correct access to the second pallet.

It is a highly efficient and robust system, easy to assemble, and to regulate the load levels. In addition, both adjustable pallet racks and shelves can be adapted to loads of different weights or volumes.